1000 ways to throw, only one-way to throw correctly
Throwing seminars will be a demonstration with question and answers in each area.We will work with up to ten players.  A video display of some of the different players we have worked with in the before mode. It does not matter what the problem is with the players, arm, shoulder, elbow or if he has control problems. We will work with each according to his needs.  A pain free and soreness free player will enable us to cover more ground.  A player throwing from his natural throwing groove can throw 200 to 400 throws with no break in between throws and have no stress, pain or soreness afterwards.

#2 Pitching

Catchers and infielders look alike.  Pitchers today look like a covey of quail scattering to the winds

Many coaching theories used today are wrong.  You can tell by the MLB disabled list.  Pitchers injuries are not from overuse, as MLB and doctors believe.  Coaches are using techniques that were incorrect in 1965 and are in pitching books today written by pitchers.  When a Hall of Fame pitcher is in his natural throwing groove, he can’t tell what he is doing.  He does not feel like he is throwing hard.  He just looks at a spot and the ball goes there.  Steve Blass was a successful pitcher for ten years and could hit a dime on a string at home plate.  In 1972, he was second in the voting for the Cy Young award.  In 1973, he suddenly and inexplicably lost the ability to throw a strike.  He went to doctors, eye doctors, psychiatrists and everyone asking for help.  He was out of playing MLB by 1974.  MLB believes this control problem is a mental disease. Players and pitchers that throw a few balls wild will have a tinge of fear that they may be coming down with this disease.   TTC believes this is all in a players throwing biomechanics and can be corrected.  There are hundreds of players a year going under the surgeon’s knife with the majority being pitchers.  Something has to change and we hope to be part of this change for the better and eliminate the need for so many surgeries.  A player in his natural throwing groove can throw all day with no stress, pain, soreness or threat of injury.

#3 Injuries

We will move faster if the players can come to the clinic pain and soreness free
In a one-hour clinic we can work with ten players that the coaches themselves bring in. We will diagnose each player and let him know what errors in his throwing mechanics caused his injury.  Not only arm, shoulder and elbow injuries, but also oblique and hamstring injuries send many to the DL.  We will work with players that have had surgeries and still have pain when throwing.  We will work with players with injuries several years old and still have stress and pain when throwing.  Notice the hamstring injury is always on the stride leg side?     This goes against what we are taught doesn’t it?

#4  Rehabilitation

Rehab without surgery if at all possible

During the Rehab clinic, coaches may bring players that are in pain or having control problems and we will diagnose each player and then get them into their natural throwing groove if they are not in too much pain.  We will use the coaches own players they know are in pain or having problems of some type. This may include players that have had surgery but are still having pain when throwing. As the players are diagnosed and rehabilitation or grooving begins, the coaches may ask questions as we work with their own players.  If a player is in pain when throwing, we may or may not be able to progress to throwing during the clinic.  If the pain is too great we will put him on a rehab program for all to see.  It will be a program that the player can use to rehab his own injury at home.  We can work with only five players in an hour program.  
(All work will include stress, pain, soreness or dead arms when throwing a ball)


#5 Conditioning

Take Your Gym On The Road

When traveling, it is necessary to continue conditioning and you will not always have a gym available to you.  It is not necessary to try to carry weights and gym apparatus with you to keep from losing strength and conditioning.  This is a complete program for baseball and many of the events can be done in your hotel room. We will use two to four players to demonstrate the complete program.

#6  Seminars

The difference here is we will show the before and after video of players that TTC has worked with.  We can describe how to get a player into his natural throwing groove on one throw.  With small groups we will need only a DVD projector with a screen.  With larger groups we will need a sound system.  Contact The Throw Center for more information.