By   Coach John C. Price

A few players I have worked with successfully out of over 200 since 1975.
(All were in Texas unless specified at the end)

RHP              Jerry Anderson, age 20       Elbow & shoulder surgery* College  Sophomore
LHP              Randy Brown, age 24          Shoulder injury, pain to throw, Padres Org., FL
LHP              Robert Cole, age 21              Elbow swollen & tender, Career ended, College Soph
CATCHER   Cody Deese, age 15            Elbow problems*,  High School Sophomore
CATCHER   Gene Flowers, age 21         Dead arm after catching a game, College Graduate
RHP              Victor Fuentes, age 14       Arm hurts after pitching, Dad rubs it, Junior High
LHP              Adam Grosskopf, age 18   Broke humerus twice, afraid *, College Fresh., WI
RHP/3B        Carson Gilliland, age 10    Chronic elbow pain, can’t throw from 3rd to pitcher*
LHP              Quency Hill, age 22           Elbow problems, College student
CATCHER   Brad Jones, age 18             Never sore, Texas Rangers Baseball, AAA All Star Game 
RHP              Ethan Lutz, age 15              Elbow & shoulder pain*, High School Sophomore 2006
CATCHER   C J Holloway age 18         Shoulder pain*, High School Senior 2007*
CATCHER   Josh Mayfield age 17         Elbow & shoulder problems*, High School Sophomore                                                               
RHP              Eric Meurer, age 17           Elbow pain (Have not seen him yet), High School Senior
RHP              Ryan Powell, age 11          Elbow pain and extreme side arm*, Elementary School
CATCHER   Mike Santoro, age 20         Sasser Syndrome, career ended*, College Sophomore, NJ
RHP              Clay Smith, age 22             No Problems, Texas Rangers Minor League
RHP/SS         Wesley Starks, age 18        Pain in upper forearm, MRI showed tear in tendon, HS Sr
LHP              Jim Umbarger, age 23        Shoulder injury, Texas Rangers, Active at the time*
RHP              Adam Voigt, age 16           Shoulder injury and pain*, High School Sophomore
RHP              Ryan Wescott, age 13        Broken humerus, afraid to throw*, Junior High, AZ
RHP              Christian Wolfe, age 20     Broken humerus, afraid to throw*, US Marine, PA

              Listed above are twenty-one out of over two hundred players I have helped.  Most were in Texas when I worked with them. I have video records of Jim Umbarger of the Texas Rangers, and all the players I have worked with in 2005* and 2006*, and the list continues to grow each month.

The ages listed are the ages they were when I worked with them. The star * at the end indicates I worked with them in 2005* and 2006. *  The last one listed, Christian Wolfe was in Athens the 20th-28th of August 2006 when he was released from the U.S. Marines.  He just returned from Iraq.  He wants to pitch in college one day, but was afraid to throw now after breaking his humerus several years ago.  He will be able to pitch in Pennsylvania in the 2007 baseball season. I have the records and addresses of the above players, with their permission to release them when another player needs help.  My goal is to one day reduce or eliminate the many injuries and surgeries that take place daily resulting from injuries sustained when throwing a baseball.

Three  that broke their humerus while pitching are now back throwing today.  The younger, Ryan, a freshman in HS was clocked at 87mph this season, 2006.  He will be the ace on his team next year, and the MLB scout in AZ said Ryan is #3 on their list in his age group.   (Doctors, surgeons, and MLB have no answer for this injury.  The first humerus break in MLB was in 1884, and continues today with no answer as to the cause.  There are about 20 found on the Internet, and five others have written The Throw Center for help.

Mike, a college soph was diagnosed with Sasser Syndrome or Steve Blass disease his last year in HS.  It is considered to be a mental disease.  Chuck Knoblauch of NYY had this, and Rick Ankiel of St Louis Cards developed it.  Mike’s father had 12 different coaches work with him and sent him to two different psychiatrists for help.  He then flew me to NJ to help Mike.  This is a complete loss of ability  to throw a strike or even throw  back to the pitcher.  He is now throwing so well , he looks like a natural.  You need to see his video to realize this It is not mental, it is in a players throwing mechanics.  MLB still believes it is mental and the beginning of the end for a baseball player.

The latest young man I worked with, December 26 & 27, 2006 was Carson from Frisco Texas, a pitcher and third baseman..  His mother said he could not throw from third back to the pitcher at one time this past season because of the chronic pain in his elbow. We showed him what caused elbow pain, then got him into his natural throwing groove.  He then made a total of 200 throws the first day with no pain or soreness afterwards.  He also took 100 swings with the bat.

The second day, Carson took 100 swings at live pitching in the cages, then pitched from the mound 50  pitches.  At no time did he have pain or soreness.  He will probably have an awesome season in 2007.