Surgery to reconstruct the UCL in the elbow
(85% success ratio)

MLB players that had Tommy John Surgery said it saved their careers even though there is a 15% failure rate.Many players listed below have had elbow surgery.
Below – TJ Surgery                   Retrieved from the Internet in 2005.
ATHLON SPORTS – BASEBALL              Below - elbow surgeries
VOL 18/                                       2005                                            
ARTICLE BEGINS ON PAGE 26                         Below, players found on the Internet
              Below                                                September 18, 2003 with Elbow surgeries.
                                                                        Ankiel, Rick  P
Tommy John   P                                              *Apier, Kevin  P                          
Jay Payton  OF  (two TJ surgeries)                 Almanza, Armando  P
Paul Molitor  P                                                Asencio, Miguel  P
Jose Canseco  OF                                            Bedard, Erik  P
Jay Buhner                                                      Burks, Ellis  DH
Xavier Nady  OF                                            *Burnett, AJ  P
*Dewon Brazelton                                          Byrd, Paul  P
*David Wells  P                                              *Cordova, Marty  DH
*Mariano Rivera  P                                         Dempster, Ryan  P
*Eric Gagne  P                                                Estella, Bobby  C
*Billy Koch  P                                                 Fetters, Mike  P
Kerry Wood  P                                                Ford, Matt  P
Matt Mantei  P                                                Hernandez, Runelvys  P
Rod Beck  P                                                    Howry, Bob  P
Jon Lieber  P                                                   *Leiber, Jon  P
John Smoltz  P                                                Mays, Joe  P
Matt Morris  P                                                 McClung, Seth  P
AJ Burnett  P                                                  Moehler, Brian  P
Adam Eaton  P                                               Ohman, Will  P
Tom Gordon  P                                               Strickland, Scott  P
Britt Reames  P                                               Thompson, Derek  P
Andy Petitte  P                                               Thornton, Matt  P
Kevin Walker  P                                              Wickman, Bob  P
                                                                        Wise, Matt  P
                                                                        *Wohlers, Mark  P
                                                                        *Zimmerman, Jeff  P
                    *Players that had TJ surgery before reaching the majors

The players above left were mentioned in the article as having TJ surgery.  Not in the article are minor league, college and high school players with TJ surgery. This article does not include the TJ surgeries that failed to bring a player back.  There are many players that are already out of baseball that had elbow surgery.  Is The Throw Center the only one concerned with all the elbow surgeries that take place each year in baseball alone? All stress, pain and injuries to the elbow result from making errors in a player’s throwing biomechanics and can be corrected.  Each and every player has a natural throwing groove and it can be taught.      

Why not try grooving players throwing biomechanics and eliminate many of the surgeries taking place today?  TJ surgery has a  15% failure rate.