February 23 & 24, 2008
I flew to Oakland, CA to work with Manny DeGuzman’s 10 year old son, Garin that had broken his humerus while pitching on August 11, 2007. Garin had been pitching only about three innings a week so this injury was not caused by overuse. Garin made an error in his delivery and a lot of fear occurs when this happens when trying to rehab the player. ON the 23rd I worked with Garin, and on the 24th, Mr. DeGuzman had invited buddies, coaches and players over and I held a hitting and throwing clinic for 11 coaches and 16 players. Over 200 cases of ball throwers fractured humerus can be found on the internet with the first case recorded in MLB was in 1884 and continues today. Many DeGuz man: 510-919-5598

March 22, 2008
I worked with a 13 year old pitcher/catcher Kaleb Sifers that had pain in his shoulder when throwing. His coach and my own doctor recommended Kaleb to see me. He pitched and played the rest of the summer with no shoulder pain. 903-286-4830

March 26, 2008
I worked with Morgan Markwardt, a 15 year old pitcher who was recommended by Dr. Tina Ingram in Canton, TX. During Morgan’s last appearance on the mound his freshman year at Athens High School, on his third pitch he walked off the mound with elbow pain an this ended his freshman season. He pitched successfully all summer after I worked with him and no more elbow problems. 903-675-2547

March 29 and 30, 2008
This weekend Conrad & Zach Reynolds had driven up from Houston, TX for me to help Zach Reynolds, a 15 year old catcher in high school that had control problems which is called the Sasser Syndrome in MLB. On Saturday and Sunday Zach Reynolds and Morgan Markwardt from Athens threw about 600 throws to each other both days with no soreness and Conrad Reynolds, Zach’s father counted the throws. . 281-470-2383 Conrad Reynolds

April 25 & 26, 2008
Carl and Kaleb Enterman from Dyton, Ohio came to Athens for help. Kaleb is a 17 year old high school catcher that had Mackey Sasser Syndrome and could not whip it. MLB considers this to be a mental disease and unless a player changes his playing position, it could be the end of his career, because they can’t correct a player’s throwing form. Call Carl Enterman: 937-643-9144

May 9 & 10, 2008
Two players that had graduated from Malakoff High School came here to ask for help with velocity. Jeremy was a pitcher and wanted a little polish before going to another College Show Case. He had lost velocity at his last visit to a showcase in Cisco, TX and the coaches there said he was throwing entirely with his arm.

May 15 through 18, 2008

I flew to Glendale, NY to work with Johhn Billera, an amateur league catcher that had problems for the last 4 years. First, an MRI showed he had torn his labrum. He let it heal and then pain in his lower biceps and another MRI showed he had a stress fracture of his humerus. After many doctors’ visits, therapy and training, he ended up with Sasser Syndrome and this is when he got in touch with TTC in Texas. He was bouncing the ball to third base and could not correct his throwing inconsistency. He said he had paid more in MRI’s, doctor and trainers bills then the cost of my flight to NY. Call John Billera: 718-938-9996

While in NY, we met a buddy of John Billera’s in the park, Iam Leisenheimer that was a red shirt freshman at the University of Main and lived in NY. Iam had a torn labrum and had labrum surgery and was very stiff when trying to throw. Ian also had Steve Sax disease with control problems. He and his father were in Texas for help on July 10 through 13, 2008. Ian Leisenheimer: 718-326-4833

July 6, 2008
I worked with Kaci Hollingsworth, age 20 that had injured her thumb in a car wreck and she had to miss the 2008 season at UT Dallas for she could not grip the ball to throw. He grandfather, Jerry Cunningham, directed her to The Throw Center. Jerry Cunningham: 972-489-3839

July 10 13, 2008
Ian Leisenheimer from NY and his father came to Athens for help. Ian had a very stiff shoulder from the labrum surgery when trying to throw and had control and velocity problems. A year or so ago he tore his labrum and had surgery. Ian was a red-shirt freshman in 2008 at the University of Maine that Ian Leisenheimer was named American East Rookie of the Week for the second week in a row at the University of Maine.

August 8, 2008
W hile on a vacation in Florida to visit our son, I worked with two brothers, Mike and Devin Davalos. Mike, age 20, a pitcher in college had labrum surgery in February 8 and still had pain when throwing. Devin is a High School sophomore, age 16 and now has a very good pitching form and has no problem when throwing. Both threw long ball 275 ft. with no pain. TTC changed their pitching form and throwing form. They both live in Hileah, FL. Mike Davalos: 786-308-7562

August 15 – 18, 2008
TTC flew to Baker City, Oregon to work with a 19 year old pitcher Luke Sells, that broke his humerus when he was 15 years of age. His father Rick Stout just decided to let him heal and then begin his baseball career without the help of The Throw Center. The only reason his father called and asked TTC to come to Oregon to help his son is because Luke developed so much pain in his shoulder he told his father he was just going to quit baseball. His father had 5 other players and coaches there for a hitting and throwing clinic. Rick Stout 541-519-0773

TTC stayed in Baker City, Oregon for three days, working first with Luke Sells, the left handed pitcher and changed his throwing form and he made over 500 throws and pitches Saturday the 16th of August. I also worked with this best buddy, a catcher that goes to another college, Derek Howerton, age 19. Both had just completed their freshman year in college. TTC changed his throwing motion for a a faster release. Derek has a gun for an arm. Both had never played their position on the team their freshman year in college. This up and coming baseball season, 208-09, both will make the starting team at their respective colleges.

August 30, 2008,
This weekend I entertained Ethen Lutz, a pitcher and a college freshman to be during the 2008-09 season. Ethan is pictured on the top of my web site: . We worked to polish his delivery for I have not seen Ethan for a year or two. Velocity is not as important in baseball as control, ball movement and ball placement for a pitcher. Ethan is now going to college in San Antonio, TX. He has been clocked at 89 mph this fall season in college. You may call Ethan Lutz at 830-510-6823

For reference, a good one to call is Robert Cole, an attorney in Dallas at Cole and Cole PC. His sophomore year in college, he had two different orthopedic surgeons tell him he had worn out his elbow and would no longer be able to pitch. He called me, I put him on a rehab program and when his swollen and enflamed elbow healed, I showed him the mistake in his delivery causing his problem and put him into his natural throwing groove. Robert went to work building strength and his fast ball velocity went from a low 78 mph his freshman year to 92 mph by his senior year. In Robert’s senior year at SMU in Dallas he pitched an entire 9 inning game against the University of Texas and lost the game 1-0, when he gave up only one run. A sophomore pitcher by the name of Roger Clemens pitched a shutout that day against SMU, beating Robert Cole in 9 innings. The Texas coach came to the mound after the game and shook Robert’s hand, telling him what a good game he had pitched. Two pro scouts tried to sign Robert Cole that day and one was my Uncle Lee Ballanfante who was a player scout for the Texas Rangers. The other was a scout for the Cincinnati Reds, but Robert told them he played baseball for fun, he wanted to be an attorney. Cell: 214-701-6123 Office: 214-706-0707 Home: 214-343-7007

The next four years while going to law school at SMU, Robert played with the DABA and was undefeated for four years and led the league in ERA and wins.

You are welcome to call or write to any of the players I have worked with for information. I have their permission to give out their name, address and phone numbers to help another player that has the same problem. These names are not for publication.

2008 Progress Report
Mike Santoro from NJ that spent 3 years from his senior year in in high school through his sophomore year in college with Mackey Sasser Syndrome when his coach cut him from the college team telling him, “Mike, I don’t think you will ever be able to throw out a runner from behind the plate.” Mike’s father, Andy, had taken Mike to a psychiatrist and had 12 different coaches work with Mike, to no avail. He then sent for help from The Throw Center. Mike made a move to York College, PA and made all conference two years in a row and after graduation; Mike signed a minor league contract with the Atlantic City Surf’s in 2008. Mike is now getting to play for pay, at he the same time working on his master’s degree. Call Andy Aanstoro and you will get the whole story about the three years of pain for the whole family. Mike had never had a control problem until his senior year in high school 732-536-6431

November 8, 2008
I just received a letter from Mike Santoro and he just signed his 2009 contract with the Atlantic City Surfs. He will be in Athens the 8th to polish his form and to get ready for the 2009 minor league season in New Jersey.

January 15-19, 2009
Chuck and Chase Merryman from San Diego came to Athens for The Throw Center to work with Chase, their 14 year old son that broke his humerus on the 1st of September 2008 while making a pitch. He will be sufficiently healed by January 2009. 858-489-3839 Chase and his father flew back home 1/19/2009 and Chase will never break his arm again while making a pitch. The Throw Center also works with power hitting. Chase has a great hitting stroke with quick hands and I am sure he will be sending TTC a home run ball later in the season.

Jake is a 16 year old pitcher from San Francisco that broke his arm pitching in June 2008 and the surgeon inserted a steel plate in his arm. His mother Ann Decker wrote on October 24th 2008 about her son. The surgeon removed the steel plate on January 15th that he inserted with screws to help the arm bone to heal sufficiently. When Jake has healed from this surgery, his mother may fly Jake to Athens.

June 12-15, 2009
A 30 year old pitcher that broke his arm pitching in 1999 will come to Athens for help. He is studying to become a coach, but still has a sharp jolt of pain one out of five throws during batting practice. Michael Roach lives in Jacksonville, FL and his number is 904-521-9492. I have his application with permission to give out his name. Mike has a steel plate in his arm and has pain during throwing and batting practices one out of five throws.

To summarize 2008 as of March 4, 2009
23 players in Hitting and throwing clinics
14 Coaches attending clinics
3 Humerus breaks (Tow more possibly in early 2009)
2 with Shoulder pain
2 with Elbow pain
5 with Control problems (Sasser or Blass disease)
2 wanting Velocity gains
3 with Labrum problems (Two were surgeries)
1 with a Grip problem (Car wreck injured thumb)

Fear of throwing again over hand is a big problem after a serious injury or a broken humerus. This problem with fear will be solved the first day in Athens, TX.